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Humanity... one important point I noted is the frequent giving away of vegetable soup, that year after year accumulated to getting him the gift of life.

Awesome video, must watch
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Leadership of Muhammad (SAW): Lessons for CEOs

Leadership of Muhammad (SAW): Lessons for CEOs

This is Wali Zahid's much hard work in deciphering the winning traits of a CEO, one CEO whose communication was non-hierarchical.

A Step Towards Practicality (1 of 2)

I always felt the need for more interactive way of studies, specially at university. Studying architecture sometimes, the pressure to do good was so intense, that instead of learning, risking and experimenting, students would opt for tried and tested methods. No one could risk their grades or percentages because marks mattered more to us than learning, and finding fun in learning was a far cry... Once an architect, mentioning his student life said that, "You might not learn that much from your teachers, as you will learn by competition among each other." That sort of competition drains energy and gives much stress and diverts focus from learning and applying the knowledge. That is so sad.

Passive learning is an asset. Practicality is more valuable than any degree, or grades. In real life, clients are not interested in your degree, grades or medals if you cannot deliver their projects and business efficiently.
Found this very interesting video, the use of intelligent glass, gadgets, devices and above all... strong interaction within the studio, active involvement of the teacher, and a very strong link with the ones working in field helped the students create something they all can celebrate after the work is done and cherish the lovely memories later in life. They were not competing each other but doing their bit in completing the assignment!

Future of teaching & learning
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A Step Towards Practicality (2 of 2)

We just strive for better grades, without any focus on actual learning and fine tuning our personalities. That just ruins our precious time at the university. If there is strong interaction between our class fellows, juniors or seniors, a few years later we have brighter chances of a better business.

Here is another video, that speaks volumes about how impractical we are after more than a decade of "learning". I seriously urge the teachers and educationists, to design a practical syllabus, arrange activities outdoors, cooking, cleaning, building simple shelters, basic survival skill set, earning pocket money, reusing wasted materials, bringing down the costs of assignments by improvisation, practical knowledge of what's under the car hood, changing tyres, plastering a wall, shuttering, mowing a lawn, topiary, hitch hiking, self defense.... there is so much to do!!! Why can't we produce well rounded personalities? Cramming dates, tackling MCQs, filling in the missing words, short answers to theory questions really don't help in practical life. I am thinking of making my nieces learn how to build a low cost "jhuggi", a local tiny tensile structure, made of cloth, rope and shredded bamboo, that is seen in slums around the city :) I think, children of those slums are better able to deal with life, although they very underprivileged.

The truth about school in a 2-minute video
What is your opinion on the thoughts that are being expressed here? Agree? Disagree? A little bit of both?A video from:
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Here's what I love about #Pakistan! #DrivenToExplore #GClass Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz G-Class NK_Film
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