Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Bit Late New Year Resolutions :)

OK, quite late for new year resolutions, here is the list of things I hope to tick by the end of this year. I am glad many things went right with the previous year's resolutions. :)

Health Care and Fitness: Prime importance! Leads way to a healthy mind and positive thoughts. 20 minutes of vigorous exercise should make way into the busy routine. Take great care of eyes, CVS or computer vision syndrome is creeping into a lot of individuals. Blink eyes consciously and splash fresh water into eyes frequently. Last year's health resolution went very well, minus a little period of extreme stress, that I was able to recover pretty soon.

Explore Pakistan: Our country is amazing! Last year went very well when it comes to explore new places. I got a chance to visit beautiful Karachi Port, interior Sind, Balochi coastline, Potohar plateau, fresh water springs, clear water bodies and green mountains, although snow covered peeks still remain a childhood fascination. This year too, plan short visits, meet new people, explore and feel proud to be a part of one of the most hospitable nations of the world. Try capturing the essence of places either in photographs or in words. Appreciate what you have. Life is short, remember, we are running out of time. This year, try to overcome the self created barriers.

Plant a Tree and Use Recycled Paper: Since its February 2014, I have already planted a tree, citrus this time :) its gaining strength and it gives me satisfaction. So this resolution is half done already. When it comes to the use of paper, I am glad to be surrounded by people who print on both sides of paper, make reminder chits out of flyers and waste paper. So yes, continue the good habit and  make at least one person realize the importance of paper and strive to go paper free.

Support a Student: I believe, most of my readers are truly blessed individuals, and with a little effort can support a student. Either pay their expenses in full or some fraction, or dedicate some time to help in their education. Education can either be formal or informal. Pass on what you know, or it might become useless when dust meets dust.

Read one Book per Month: Last year it was just 4 books to add to my list, this year I've already finished 2! So a good going. I hope to make it 12 books this year, either related to my subject or on a general topic.

Focus! this year focus on becoming a better individual before being a professional. A good person naturally becomes a good professional. Be open to learning. We don't know it all. There is always a first time for every lesson. Learn, unlearn, relearn. The feeling of being a beginner is precious!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Resolutions... first 90 days starting from today!

Something to boost up your spirits!!!

Going through my fb page, I came across a very interesting video shared by my amazing teacher, Wali Zahid, CEO SkillCity. This video reminds me of my last years resolutions, that I was lucky enough to put into words, got them published in a magazine and uploaded on the internet. Whether a general reader picked some of those resolutions or not, I had a good time meeting most of my targets. :)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Vertical Landscaping

This is the surface I intend to turn into a vertical vegetable/ herb garden... elevating the kitchen garden concept along the z axis :) God willing!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

انسان... مٹی

انسان زںدگی کا صرف ایک روپ ہے، مٹی زندگی کے کئی اور روپ دھار لیتی ھےھر ذرے کی اپنی دنیا، اپنی کہانی۔ پانی اور پسینے سے سینچی جائے تو رنگ، خوشبو اور غذا بن جاتی ھے۔ خون سے سینچی جائے تو وطن_ گارے کی دیوار بن جائے تو زندگی کو پناہ بخشتی ھے، اگر کسی جان پر ڈھے جائے تو بقا۔ پتھر بن جائے تو زندگی کے آثار منجمد کر لیتی ھے، موج میں آجائے تو ھوا کے ھاتھوں میں ھاتھ ڈالے، سرحدوں کی پرواہ کئے بغیر آزاد جھومتی گاتی پھرتی ھے۔ مہربان اتنی ھے کہ ہر شے کو اپنی آغوش میں پناہ دے دیتی ھے اور ھر چیز کو ایک مدت کے بعد اپنے رب کے حکم سے نئی جِلا بخشتی ھے۔ انسان کا مٹی میں مل جانا زندگی کا نیا روپ دھار لینے کے مترادف ھے۔ زندگی کسی ایک روپ میں مقیّد نہیں رہ سکتی۔


Landscape Design

Landscape design is planning and preservation of outdoor space. It is the art and science of designing features so as to enhance entire property or estate. It restores environment and provides recreation and satisfaction to the mind and brings a sense of achievement. It provides beautiful views indoors and outdoors.

Landscape design involves knowledge of design elements, both hard and soft. The hard elements in landscape design include fences, gazebos, observation decks, sculptures and fountains etc. The soft elements include all kinds of plants, contours, water and all the living things. 

Landscaping design is regardless of the size of the space available. A vertical surface e.g. a boundary wall, a small patio or a lawn extending acres of land, all can be converted into living works of art. 

The main element of landscaping is plants. We can divide plants into three categories with respect to their sizes, i.e. ground covers, shrubs and trees. The ground covers do not grow tall and remain below knee height. The shrubs grow taller than ground covers and may be from knee to eye level. Creepers are those plants that need some support to grip, grow and flourish. Deciduous creepers give shade and flowers in summers and shed leaves to allow winter sun in.  It is very important to know the local plants, their properties, water and light requirements in order to choose the right plant for the right place and season. For this reason consulting local nurseries is the best option. Landscaping can be best understood as designing of outdoor rooms, framing pleasant views for indoors.

Creepers form the background for any view. They compliment the building lines. Local creepers like jhumka, railway creeper and bougainvillea add color to the landscape.  The best way to choose the size and type of a plant for a location is to take a photograph of the area and then plan and sketch the desired effect. In this way judging the ultimate result becomes easy.

Trees form the scenery for a house, adding richness to the view. Tall trees with big umbrellas form ceiling for the outdoor room. Plants can be appreciated for their sculptural quality of overall size, form, color and the seasonal transformations. The use of rocks, pebbles and gravel adds richness in detail and give a natural touch to the landscape. The best thing about the use of rocks is that they are almost maintenance free. A trim look can be achieved by using wooden planks.

Lighting plays an important role in any landscape. Day light gives inspirations for lighting design at night. Lighting can enhance a sculpture, or can give a flood light effect to any frame of view; it could create interesting shades and shadows on walls or just a silhouette of any plant. The lighting fixture should remain concealed leaving the observer’s attention for the work of art only.

The detailing of any landscaped area must consider your life style and the available time and resources to maintain it. No matter how large or small your landscaped area is, a little attention and care brings back a lot of happiness and satisfaction. So squeeze out some time from your routine and let your green fingers do the magic!