Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I sometimes find it funny how we struggle to survive knowing that we won’t come out of life, alive. One person treading the same corridors that today I tread, left this world, his pleasant greetings, his plans to renovate his house right after retirement, the photographs of elevation he promised, conveying his better half’s suggestions for the design, correspondence, bills, agreements, documents, check lists,  phone calls, meet ups, all remain pending forever. The clumsy note pinned on various notice boards will be taken off soon to make space for a new notice. I find it funny how we all prayed for his forgiveness, distributed fruit at the end of prayer, and a few hours from now, with fruit peels in the bins, no one will be taking his name. I find it funny how we plan for our ambitions with a lavish time scale, I find it funny how we perceive our life stretching till eternity, I find it funny how the money we earn, we think is never enough, I find it funny my voice echoes in the same corridors that I too, will leave, sooner or later. It’s funny I don’t even know when. Grief consumes a lot of energy, you start missing joy so soon. Reverting to life seems wrong, still something inside craves for happiness. But every time you revert to life, you do so with a kink that will never go away. Although the terms ‘never’ and ‘forever’ are meaningless if seen in a broader perspective, still it helps us have a little idea of time. Perception of time is funny. We take care of graves as if these are our possessions, dust turns to dust, we pile more of it to keep the reminder fresh, thinking, knowing but not absorbing the fact that soon this will be our home…

Bulleh Shah… assa-n marna naahi
Gor peya koi hor